Functional films on different materials

We are developing methods for magnetron coatings of functional films on various materials.

We created coatings of different complexity: semiconductor coatings, coatings with high hardness and very low coefficient of friction, hydrophobic or hydrophilic coatings, resistant to chemical corrosion, low electrical resistance coatings, heat reflecting and sunscreen coatings.

Carbon coatings have bad adhesion to metals. We set the target of increasing the adhesion of carbon coatings to aluminum and copper, which are used in electrochemical storage: battery, supercapacitor or fuel cell. The result is a technology for depositing dense carbon coatings that provide chemical resistance of aluminum and copper in electrolytes and a low contact resistance.

Modified surface of aluminum, which provides high adhesion of carbon materials. The grain size can be regulate based on the required contact resistance and adhesion of carbon materials. Analogues of this technology at cost and quality – no.

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