The magnetron line of vacuum coating application

The application of a metal or semiconductor layer to glass in an installation with continuous magnetron deposition and a fully automated control process allows for the creation of products such as sun-screen, energy-saving, self-cleaning glass and mirrors.

Self-cleaning glass

Stays clean longer. Especially useful for places that are inaccessible for cleaning, such as roof windows.
It is used in windows, glazed verandas, facades and glass roofs. It can be mounted vertically or at an angle. Conventional precipitation is sufficient to keep your windows clean. In dry periods the glass can be hosed with water, without the use of chemical cleaning agents. Do not leave streaks and pools on the glass.

Sun-screen glass

Glass with a sun-screen layer to protect from the sun’s heat. Does not let harmful radiation through. Sun-screen glass reduces the output of air-conditioning systems more than twofold, and this in turn reduces the cost of construction by 3% – 7%.
The presence of this coating gives a mirror effect, which creates different shades of glass and makes the façade look attractive.
It creates a specific architectural style.
This glass is distinct from others with its high Solar Reflectance Index of 50 to 83%.

Get the best from the world of innovation.
With 20 years of experience and efforts, our company’s specialists have focused on the development of vacuum deposition technology and applied it to energy saving in various fields: providing comfort in the living space, the storage of energy in the battery industry, the creation of multi-layer materials with new properties and much more.

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