Our team

Our specialists can offer you the best know-how in the industry.

Nikolai Kazimirov

Director, CEO, Technology Design Engineer
38 years of experience in project management, as well as direct participation in the development of high-precision mechanical engineering equipment and its subsequent installation with customers all over the world.

  • Vacuum production of nanocoatings 98%
  • Creation of high-precision equipment 97%
  • Expert in high-end technologies 100%

Vladimir Fomenko

Business development director
Engineer with 6 languages. 25 years abroad. Rare specialist on China. Can find solutions to problems and negotiate. 7 years in ground-breaking technologies for energy and the environment. Project management.

  • Knows the “rules of the game” in the RF, EU and PRC 80%
  • Ability to negotiate 85%
  • Project management 100%

Denis Kazimirov

Director of public relations
15 years of experience in the creation and implementation of company communication strategies with customers and partners. Project information support. Technical support. Company website projects.

  • Customer satisfaction 80%
  • Technical support 70%
  • Communications management 75%

Cutting edge

Our technology will allow for a quantum leap to be made in the field of energy storage, improving on all the best know-how in the business.

Innovative ideas

An innovative approach to the production of electrochemical storage devices – to the manufacture of the current collector, the active electrode and the separator.

Advanced technology

We propose to replace the existing technology for manufacturing the current collector with high-vacuum deposition technology.

Open to collaboration

Successful projects done with companies like: Nichimen Corporation; Hitachi; Aerospatiale; Mitsubishi and others.

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