All elements are manufactured using magnetron deposition technology.

Magnetron deposition installation is used for different purposes, for the deposition of different materials.
But never before used for the deposition of supercapacitor and battery surfaces.

We were the first to do this in the world!


We created magnetron deposition technology which was used for:

Carbon deposition onto aluminum collectors.

The application of a high-porous carbon electrode onto the carbon of the collector.

The application of a high temperature separator onto the carbon electrode.

Advantages of high-vacuum magnetron deposition method.

The ability to depose materials providing chemical storage of electrical energy on carbon nanolayers.
The ability to synthesize nanomaterials at relatively low temperatures (200-300) C °, compared to the arc method (500) C ° and PECVD (500-600) C°

High speed of coating application.  Easy scalable (from laboratory – to production)

The attractiveness of carbon materials obtained by the deposition method.


High conductivity.
Developed specific surface. Corrosion resistance.

Thermal stability.
Controllable porous structure
and sizes of nanomaterials.

Possibility of use
as a component of composite materials.
Relatively low cost.

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